Meet The Founders

Paul Sokol

Surrounded by music his entire life, Paul has a deep respect and appreciation for all types of music. As a musician himself, he understands how critical it is for children to feel comfortable expressing themselves through music. Any form of music. One day, he couldn’t stand reading another headline about how ANOTHER school was losing its arts programs. So he took a stand and formed Keep Children Rockin with the vision of local music communities taking a stand for their neighborhood school music programs.

“If we come together in our own backyards and take a stand for the gift of music, you and I can ensure that all children are exposed to the beautiful tradition of music as part of their regular education.”

John Odell

John Odell

In addition being an extremely gifted guitarist, John is passionate about all kinds of music. Children have always had a special place in his heart and being part of a cause that stands for keeping youth music programs in schools is a dream come true. With a strong background in promotions and networking, he is a key figure in ensuring every funding event is a smashing success for the kids!

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