Keep Children Rockin Press Release for May 2016


“Phoenix Heavy Metal Scene Triples Impact On School Music Programs”
“Local School Music Programs Get More Help From Phoenix Heavy Metal Scene”
“Local School Music Programs Benefit From 2nd Annual Music Festival”


Paul Sokol, a local philanthropist, partnered up with Club Red’s Paul Benson in 2014 to create a music festival that benefits underfunded local school music programs. The 2nd Annual Dead of Winter Fest, a heavy metal festival, took place January 23rd at Club Red in Mesa with 10 bands performing from the region. The idea is to use the festival as a fund raising event for Sokol’s charity, Keep Children Rockin, which provides equipment donations to underfunded elementary and middle school music programs.

“Public school budgets are being slashed all over, and this forces cornered administrators to cut arts programs,” Sokol said. “Particularly music programs. If this keeps happening and nobody does anything, in a few generations everything is going to be talk radio because there aren’t any new young musicians. I stand for young kids learning about music at school and that’s why I created Keep Children Rockin!”

As a result of the 2015 festival last year, Keep Children Rockin was able to donate equipment to Whittier Elementary’s music program. Tripling its impact this year, the 2016 festival generated enough to make equipment donations to three local schools!

Paul Sokol hand delivers to Mrs. Ash's class at Whittier Elementary

Paul Sokol hand delivers to Mrs. Ash’s class at Whittier Elementary

Deer Valley Middle School received 3 full instruments

Deer Valley Middle School
received 3 full instruments

Keller Elementary received 10 percussion instruments

Keller Elementary received
10 percussion instruments

Whittier Elementary received:

  • 25 bass clarinet reeds
  • A full set of symphonic cymbals

Deer Valley Middle School received:

  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Viola

Keller Elementary received:

  • 5 tambourines
  • 5 guiros

Thanks to the caring nature of the local heavy metal community, well over 10 children are able to keep the music alive!

The goal for Dead of Winter Fest 2017 is to generate $5,000 to be used with at least nine local schools, continuing the trend of tripling the festival’s impact year over year.

A very limited number of sponsorship spots for the 2017 festival are still available as of this press release. These will go fast! For more information, you need to call Paul Sokol at (941) 322-7221 immediately OR click here to request 2017 sponsorship information!